Are you a charity in need of support?

Cheshire Connect offers your charity, community or faith organisation a genuine way to access relevant business skills and expertise for free. This may include support with a short-term defined project, a longer-term relationship to focus on planning and efficiency or to search for a trustee. 

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  • Business skills and expertise are offered for free;

  • Learn more about your local business community and explore opportunities to exchange skills and experiences;
  • Gain support from local businesses;
  • Raise your profile in the local business community;
  • Project management by Cheshire Connect;
  • Tangible, evaluated results.

Are you a business with skills to offer?

Cheshire Connect is a way for your business and staff to help build stronger communities by donating some of your skills to help some truly inspirational local voluntary and community organisations.

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  • A simple yet structured way to make a positive difference in your community

  • Identification of the relevant charity, community, and faith groups which will benefit from the skills and expertise you have to offer
  • Suitable pairing with an organisation that matches your personal and corporate goals
  • Positive publicity – with Cheshire Connect endeavouring to generate press coverage about each successful match
  • Strengthened relationship with employees – improved morale and performance
  • Staff development – new skills learned and new contacts made outside your own organisation
  • Tangible, evaluated results based on the skills your business has provided

Can you provide financial support?

Ultimately we are a charity ourselves and 100% reliant on donations and sponsors to continue doing what we do. If you are interested in making a donation to help us help more charities, be it a one-off or a regular amount. Just click below for more information.