Donate to Cheshire Connect and help make a real difference. Your support matters, here's why:


We’ve already created over 636 skills exchanges, each one just like the one above.

Just one skills exchange can make a real difference to a charity such as:

  • Money saved

  • More people reached

  • Sustainable business planning

  • Improved governance

  • Fundraising strategy set

  • HR policy fixed

But just like any charity, we need financial support to survive!


How will my organisation benefit from donating to Cheshire Connect?

Your donation, whether a one-off or ongoing, will make a real difference to charities across the county and to you too by:

  • Demonstrating how caring and considerate your business is and bringing your brand values to life

  • Providing ready-made positive, powerful stories of how you've made a difference in your local community

  • Creating goodwill and loyalty with your employees and customers

  • Providing a perfect opportunity to give something back to the community that has helped your business grow


  • Ongoing exposure within Cheshire Connect marketing initiatives

  • Ability to support several charities across the region but with just one point of contact

If you're interested in supporting Cheshire Connect financially we want to ensure you have all the support and information you need to make this decision so click below to contact our CEO directly to discuss further.